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  In Southern France, near the city of Pau (Aquitaine), lies the Carp venue called Iktus. The property has a total area of 140 Hectares (> 300 acres) with the magnificent 60 year old gravel pit called Iktus Carp of 35 Hectares (87 acres). Open all year long, the lake has 15 double swims, of which 2 are always kept free, this allows you to move around a little. The water, running down from the Pyrenees is very clear and of an extremely high quality and the lake has depths ranging between 1m and 10m and is over 1.5 km long.


  The fish stock consists of about 1,200 Common and Mirror Carp and between 20 lbs and 73 lbs, with an average weight around 35 lbs. There are Catfish up to 200 lbs, Siberian sturgeon up to 75 lbs and Transmontanus Sturgeon up to 130 lbs+. There are no “poisson chat” or “crayfish”. The lake is rich in natural food with insect larvae, freshwater snails & mussels. We rent boats, bikes, echo sounders and all the fishing equipment you could need with a tackle shop on site.


  The club-house “La Maison des Lacs” is open for anglers all year round from 9.00 o’clock in the morning and there’s a reception where you can get advice and help as well as tackle, bait and anything else you may need.


  There are showers, toilets and a washing machine available 24 hours a day and at the other end of the lake in the VIP swim you’ll find a small hut with heating, a microwave oven, fridge/freezer and cooking facilities.


There’s an on-site bar and restaurant where you can order food and drinks. Also available is a seminar-space with 250 seats (enduros, etc) and 20 bungalows for rent.


  For the non-fishing guests there’s plenty of activities such as horseriding, golf, tennis, squash, bowling, karting and shopping at a very large Supermarket only 5 minutes from the site. And the Pyrenees are only 30 minutes away from Iktus.


Lake Iktus Rules


General Lake Rules

The Clubhouse is open from 9.00h to 12.30h and from 13.30h to 18.00h and before setting up you must check in at the Clubhouse.
ARRIVAL: between 14.00h and 17.00h                     DEPARTURE: between 9.00h and 12.00h.
Vehicle access is allowed at low speed to reach the swims and to unload tackle.
Vehicles must be returned to the parking area.
Only green or camouflage bivvies or umbrellas are allowed. No gazebos please.
Swimming is
not allowed. Dogs must be kept on leads. Fires are not allowed (gas stoves are permitted).
The toilet building is open 24h/24h and 7 days a week. Please keep clean.
Do not damage trees or vegetation. Please use the bins provided. Do not throw anything into the lake or leave any litter including bottle tops and cigarettes ends. Do not wash the dishes in the lake.
Please keep the noise to a minimum & respect your fellow anglers.
Children must be under adult surveillance.

Anglers must wear a personal lifejacket when they use our boats.


Carp Fishing Rules

  A refundable payment of 50 Euros will be asked at your arrival and will be returned to the client on departure.
  Fishing is no-kill. Fishing with livebait and lures is strictly forbidden.
 Bait boats, bait rockets, spods and the use of Iktus-boats are allowed. (Own boats are not allowed in order to prevent the spread of carp diseases).
  The use of boats is only permitted in the designated fishing zone. Baiting, placing of rigs and feature finding with the boat is allowed. Electric motors are allowed.
  3 rods only. Barbless hooks, completely flattened barbs are OK. Rods should not be left unattended. Maximum hook size is No.2.
  Shock and snag leaders are forbidden. Leadcore forbidden. No braided mainline and your mainline should be between 15lb & 20lb.
  Only safe rigs are permitted, rigs should be used that allow the lead to come off in the event of a breakage.  One rig ‘ll be checked by one of our bailiffs in the week. 

  Large unhooking mats must be used - minimum size 120cm x 90cm and they must always be wet before use. Large fine mesh landing nets must be used together with a weigh sling with rigid frames.
  All fish caught must be treated with care, kept wet and released carefully. Sturgeon need particular attention as they are fragile fish. They must not be landed in a net - they must be landed by the tail, as there is a danger of breaking their spine. Photos should be taken in the water in order to minimise their time out of water.
  Carp sacks are not allowed. All fish must be released immediately after a photo. Photos should be taken over a wet unhooking mat. It is forbidden to stand with the fish. Photos should be taken kneeling. It is strictly forbidden to mark or damage the fish.

  Small lake: markers forbidden, no figt with boat, sturgeons >30kg must stay in the water.
The management reserves the right to exclude any angler found drunk on the premises without refund

    Rent tackle (must be booked in advance) :


Unit :

Fish finder with battery

Bivvy doble with 10 pegs bag

Bedchair with or without level chair



Electric motor

Marine battery for electric motors 

Rod pod inox


Half unit : 

Weigh Sling

Bivvy table

Level chair



The management reserve the right to amend the above discount rates at any time


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Horaires semaine: 9h-12h30 et 13h30-18h

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